Look After Your Cat


Remember, it is your responsibility to do the best you can for your cat. Look after him or her at all times.

For example, utmost care should be taken at the time of feeding. Kittens require about twice the energy per pound of body weight as a mature cat. They should be gradually introduced to the foods meant for kittens by six to eight weeks and make sure to accustom them to a regular diet of a complete and balanced growth-type food. It is also recommended at this stage that kittens be fed three to four times a day during this period of rapid growth, and always have a source of fresh, clean water available at all times so that they quench their thirst. There are several varieties of food available, but perhaps the best are moistened dry ones or canned food that should be kept left at room temperature. They should contain adequate energy, vitamin and mineral content. If you have to change the diet make it sure to change it gradually over a 7 to 10 day period to avoid causing digestive upset.

Kittens also tend to be “occasional” eaters. They like their food but like to have a large number of small meals throughout the day. If you notice you will find that after consuming a small portion of the food, they generally leave the area only to return at intervals during the day when they prefer to eat. This is not refusal to eat but rather a typical pattern. If it is prolonged, and if food refusal is extended along with other signs of illness such as, diarrhea, repeated vomiting, straining to urinate or constipation, or unusual hiding in dark places, don’t lose time and immediately consult the veterinarian medical practitioner. Your kitten could be ill.

In case of adult cats only normal diet is needed although it should be nutritious and healthy. If your cat is healthy then a commercial cat food is quite enough. Remember they should be fed as individuals – the needs of each cat is different. They should be kept in a good body condition including plenty of activity, adequate temperature and plentiful opportunity for play.

Lastly always be aware that cats are fond of stability. So if you change things around or move home, have a consideration for your cat. An environmental or social change may have a prominent effect on its behavior and your beloved cat may be uneasy. They will, however, adapt eventually – just give them time.

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