Why Do Cats Shed and Retract Their Claws


Why do cats lose their claws?Cats are the only animals that walk directly on their claws, not on their paws. It would be like humans walking on the tips of their fingers. Getting about on tip-toe (known as digitgrade) is an especially useful feature to have when it comes to moving at high speeds. Being the avid hunter she is, the cat needs to keep this acquirement extremely sharp.

It is true, she may sometimes manicure her nails on your antique dresser however contrary to what you might think, it is not out of spite. Actually, it’s really not even done to sharpen her claws. What she’s actually doing when she’s clawing your sofa cushions to pieces is tearing away the ragged edges of the shell of her claws. All year long, she sheds her claws to uncover new sharp ones underneath.

Claws aren’t simply for the cats protection, but are also responsible for its keen balance and other astounding feats such as climbing, stretching and running and grooming. De-clawing not only physically pains her, but she’s also psychologically distressed, stripped of her only defense and one of her most versatile tools for survival.

Why do cats retract their claws?A cat draws in in her claws to protect them and to keep them sharp. They need to be kept sharp. Cats need sharp claws since they use them to help mark their territory. In the act of scratching, sweat glands between the paw pads release an odor transmitted to the tree trunk or to your prized table or couch. This is how your cat identifies the scratched area as her own.

In the animal kingdom, the cat’s retractable claws are her most unique characteristic. As she stretches her legs, the paws automatically enlarge to an extraordinary size and the claws appear.

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