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Look After Your Cat

Remember, it is your responsibility to do the best you can for your cat. Look after him or her at all times.For example, utmost...

Why Do Cats Shed and Retract Their Claws

Why do cats lose their claws?Cats are the only animals that walk directly on their claws, not on their paws. It would be like...

Why Is My Cat Spraying All Over My House

Your cat holds it tail high, most often from a standing position, and lets fly its most pungent substance. If your cat sprays, you'll...

How to Stop a Kitten From Biting You

Before going into further detail about how to address kitten aggression, it is important to first bear in mind that all members of the...

Cat Food Nutrition – The Holistic Benefits of Raw Cat Food

Raw Cat Food? Really?Sure. It makes sense. Cats are natural hunters and carnivores - just consider their ancestry. The cat that is sitting there...